Phil Veldheer Racing headers ceramic coated by AFI

We were excited to have pleased yet another great customer with our prestigious ceramic header coating services. Those of you who have not heard of Phil Veldheer now is the to check him out here

Phil chose AFI because of our extraordinary quality and services we provide. We are a big player in the racing industry with local and national know racers that only use our powder and ceramic coating services.

Phil Says, “Another Happy Aesthetic Finishers Customer”. A testimonial from our facebook pageĀ  @

Here are before and after photos of Phil Veldheer’s Race Headers.


Veldheer headers before


Veldheer headers

These headers will be used n Veldheer’s Bright Yellow (Sun Drop) 1987 Olds 442 (best et 11.68 @115 mph)

Phil Veldheer sun drop

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