IHRA announces Best Appearing Crew award presented by Armor Coat Ceramic Header Coating (AFI) at Summit Pro-Am Tour events

Select divisions of the IHRA Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour presented by Amsoil will receive an added special award to the divisional weekends on behalf of Armor Coat Ceramic Header Coatings. Winning teams will also receive a $50 credit toward a complete header coating and customized winning team t-shirts.

“This donation is a great outreach for Armor Coat, is appreciated by the IHRA and will be cherished by the racers who receive the award,” Division Director Jon O’Neal said. “It’s great to see someone willing to reach out and support these racers directly.”

In an effort to support the grassroots of IHRA racing, Armor Coat will also be donating a free ceramic header coating to the 2014 Summit Super Series Mod World Champion.

Racers in the Patriots, Heat Wave, North Stars, Renegades and Raiders Divisions of the Pro Am-Tour will be eligible for the award throughout the 2014 season.

“Armor Coat™ is an aluminum ceramic formulation that was developed by NASA to protect parts from thermal destruction and we’ve taken that same technology and brought it into the motorsports world,” explained Aesthetic Finishers Inc. President, Bill Coomer. “So with Armor Coat™, you’re not only getting a very aesthetic looking part, but also a part that is not going to break down from the inside out due to the corrosive characteristics of the exhaust gases. You will also benefit from the thermal properties of the ceramic coating by keeping more heat in the pipe and not under your hood, which can and will rob horsepower by raising the temperature of everything including your fuel.

“In various dyno tests over the years, we have seen some pretty impressive horsepower gains by using the header coating both internally and externally. That’s cheap horsepower,” he added. “Additional horsepower all while prolonging the life of a set of headers.”

“We have worked with IHRA racers Kevin and Kathy Fisher for quite a few years and knew when we were ready to get even more involved with the sport of drag racing, they would be our guide,” Coomer pointed out. “They have been out there doing this for a long time and they have put our products to the test. We’re pleased to be able to work with them as we move further into the drag racing scene and when Kathy put together the opportunity to be a part of the IHRA program, we were happy to jump on board.”

Armor Coat™ is not a new offering from Aesthetic Finishers and the company has a proven track record with their product dating back to 1996. “We are proud to have thousands upon thousands of happy customers from tractor pullers to sprint cars to NASCAR, hot rodders and drag racers that continue to be return customers when they have a part that needs coated,” noted Coomer. “We have a tightly controlled process that has been refined over years. It comes down to how we apply the coating. It’s repeatable and it’s consistent.”

The chrome finish Armor Coat™ will withstand up to 1,350 degrees, while the black finish boasts a tolerance all the way up to 2,000 degrees.

Aesthetic Finishers operates in a soon to be 120,000, sq. ft. facility and calls Piqua, Ohio their home. In addition to servicing the motorsports world with the capability of individual parts coating and Armor Coat™ ceramic coating, their industrial side coats high volume runs for many of today’s top manufactures. They even offer an extensive line of firearm coating options and graphics.

For more information, visit their website www.afipowder.com, as well as their page on Facebook.Armor Coat Dragon

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